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UPDATE on 25th May 2020: 
THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT over the last few months, it's kept our small business going and many of our small   artisan producers and farmers too.  
HOME DELIVERIES are now going to cease as we now, at last, have been given the option to return to the market system which suits our working life much more. To be honest doing home deliveries has been stressful and very time-consuming, we have a lot of respect for Farther Christmas now! !
We will be in Warwick market  square every  Saturday. Customers will be asked to respect the social distancing rules and pay by contactless card where possible.
Kenilworth market will be back on Thursday 28th May.
For our customers who are unable to come to the market or send a helper, do make contact and Barney on his electric bike may be able to deliver... Granville style!!! 

Our local Cotswold Village visits in the Merry Mouse Van will take place as usual and yes... we will bring lots of special EGGS and all the traditional deli items..plenty of VERY good properly  made cheese, jams, butter, olives, pies, bacon, hand cut Honey Roast or Dry Cure HAM, Smoked Fish..etc. 
For large orders it might be advisable to pre order at the beginning of the week.
This is our proposed timetable:

WEDNESDAY 5-7pm By The Black Horse NAUNTON


    THURSDAY (aprox 4-7pm) WILLERSEY Village Green                        FRIDAY 9-11am WINCHCOMBE Castle Street                                                     then later in the car park at The Royal OAK GRETTON (5pm-7pm)

SATURDAY - WARWICK  (probably 8am - 2pm)

SUNDAY 7th June - DUMBLETON at the village club  (9am -11am)

We're going to every other week at Dumbleton, once people are more able to travel we plan to visit once a month and see how things go. We need some time off!



When attending please be aware of the social distancing required. To assist our rigorous bio-security measures we STRONGLY encourage contactless payment. Many thanks for your support during this horrible time.

Deliveries to our trade customers will continue as required.
Food and Farmers Markets across the country are still allowed to trade if they can manage the social distancing controls, by supporting them you will be helping farmers, small cheese makers and other wonderful local producers.

Since 2005 The Cotswold Pudding & Pie Company has been supplying farm shops, delicatessens and public houses in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire with award winning sausages, pies, bacon and hams.

Our passion for cheese has become a big part of the business. We're always on the lookout for unusual, artisan cheese that we can bring to you at an affordable price.

The public face of the company is Myles Salmon, supported by wife Jo and a team of willing helpers.

Many thanks to the good people of Willersey for showing great enthusiasm for quality British produce. It would seem even the village ducks have a desire for fine food!!

We will be outside The Bell Inn on a Thursday aprox 5-7pm on a regular basis if the support continues.

New Product Alert…..

Slater Eyre Linconshire Plumbread.

Made using the original 1834 recipe in the Pocklingtons’s family bakery using flour from wheat grown on the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The secret of a good moist Plumbread lies in the quality of the fruit. The dried fruit is sourced directly from the grower in Turkey.

Not a plumb in sight, this fruit loaf flavoured with blend of spices including ginger & cinnamon. There are many ways to use it. We like to toast it under the grill and eat with chunks of hard cheese, on special occasions we use thin buttered slices as a base for gravlax or smoked salmon with a dash of dill sauce.

From the Black Mountain Smokery

Produced by the Carthew family in Crickhowell

Peppered Smoked Trout Fillets

Smoked Salmon

Hot Smoked Salmon - Try with Dill Sauce.... so good... and healthy!

(our fish is not sold on market days at Kenilworth and Warwick)

Dan Salmons 8oz Aged Sirloin Steak.

Proving to be a big hit, tender with great flavour.

Terrines and Pates from France.

Not local but we love them. They come in jars with a long shelf life.

Duck, Wild Boar,Trout & Almond, Salmon & Dill or Lobster & Cream.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We are thrilled to anounce to our loyal followers that

our PORK PIES, made by Daniel Salmon and Alison Maloney

have won the BIG PRIZE again - SUPREME CHAMPION hand raised pork pie. With GOLD awards for our Traditional Pasty & Steak Guinness & Cheddar Pie.

Its good to know they are still the best!!

We seem to be spending a lot of time on the telephone taking and placing orders (hence the Banksey phone box pic, sadly no longer there, due to the foolish ways of a few!), if you have time and are able please do feel free to email your requirements through on a Monday or Tuesday morning.  Once in a while the family bowler hat comes out.... most recently for VE Day.... the Churchill look...