This is our USUAL timetable for Myles in the
Merry Mouse Deli Van: 

THURSDAY  aprox 7.30am -1.30pm Winchcombe Skate Park (just before the senior school)

NOTE:We have given up our Cheltenham location, due to changes in local parking permits making our location too congested, we very much hope you might pop over the hill to see us at our new venue...easy parking, fun dog walking and  best of all, there's a great coffee trailer there too! 

Thurs early evening - The Black Horse at NAUNTON APROX 4pm - 6pm.. 

 Do call if you need a special delivery, we will do our best to help.

FRIDAY 7.35 -11am WINCHCOMBE Castle Street  then

The Royal Oak at GETTON  from 4pm - 6.30pm.


The 3rd SUNDAY of each month  WILLERSEY near BROADWAY (farmers mkt)

The LAST SUNDAY of each month  BOURTON ON THE WATER (farmers mkt)

To assist our rigorous bio-security measures we STRONGLY encourage contactless payment. Be safe.....and

We hope the difficult covid times have passed and we can all get back to a sensible safe sustainable lifestyle .
TAKE CARE  EAT CHEESE and a few Pies ....oh and
our new 'must try product... very healthy' smoked fish!                                                    

Since 2005 The Cotswold Pudding & Pie Company has been supplying farm shops, delicatessens and public houses in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire with award winning sausages, pies, bacon and hams. Recently we have chosen to reduce our work load by cutting back on the wholesale side of the business and increasing  the retail side. To do  this we run the Merry Mouse Deli Van, taking quality produce to various Cotswold destinations. See above for our timetable. We will continue to take orders for events and parties. Do make contact if you have any difficulty finding our produce.

Our passion for cheese has become a big part of the business. We're always on the lookout for unusual, artisan cheese that we can bring to you at an affordable price.

The public face of the company is Myles Salmon, supported by wife Jo and a team of willing helpers.

Lookout for the Merry Mouse Deli Van (below), for her full story visit the MM page. Whilst we LOVE the vintage way of doing things our work schedule required an equipment update. Our original much loved classic French van has gone to work in Somerset for a well known cheese producer, we wish her well.

New Product Alert…..


For those of you who have an eye on healthy eating, take a look at the Zoe website and also check out a great book called HBD by Petronella Ravenshear. They both explain the virtues of good gut health and the Mediterranean way of eating.

Our smoked fish, venison and chicken, unpasteurised cheeses and free range eggs are particularly healthy.

We have a very special new product to offer, jars of FERMENTED FOODS, variations of Sauerkraut and Kimchi. Naturally fermented using certified organic ingredients.

Loving Foods, who produce these jars of wonder, was founded in 2006 by brother and sister, Mendel and Faye, soon joined by Faye's husband, Adam. Mendel is a qualified nutritional therapist and Faye acquired her healthy interest in natural food the hard way: as someone suffering with chronic IBS. As their expertise in fermentation grew Faye’s health visibly improved.

APPLE JUICE - in an attempt to improve our energy levels and reduce our wine intake we have taken to APPLE FIZZ. SPARKLING WATER AND FRUIT JUICE, we have a near neighbour and good friend organised to supply us. Buy per bottle or by the case.

LIVE ORGANIC YOGHURT.... very good for you and your animals! Sadly due to logistical issues we are unable to get this to you at a viable price. With luck we will find a way soon.

Slater Eyre Linconshire Plumbread.

Made using the original 1834 recipe in the Pocklingtons’s family bakery using flour from wheat grown on the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The secret of a good moist Plumbread lies in the quality of the fruit. The dried fruit is sourced directly from the grower in Turkey.

Not a plumb in sight, this fruit loaf is flavoured with a blend of spices including ginger & cinnamon. There are many ways to use it. We like to toast it under the grill and eat with chunks of hard cheese, on special occasions we use thin buttered slices as a base for gravlax or smoked salmon with a dash of dill sauce.

From the East Nuke Kilnhouse. 

We are thrilled to be suppling fine artisan smoked fish from this award winning family run smoke house,  ‘a hidden gem of Scotland’.

Kippers, Mackerel (peppered or not), Trout and Salmon produced with great care.

This is the real deal, for those who want something really special… you can probably tell, we love it!

The Hot or Cold Smoked Salmon or Trout comes in various sizes, if you require a whole side please order in advance.

Hot Smoked Salmon - Try with Dill Sauce or Horseradish .... so good... and healthy!

Smoked Duck and Chicken Breast ... 

Dan Salmons 8oz Aged Sirloin Steak.....

Proving to be a big hit, tender with great flavour. Dan is also producing some very good hand made burgers... beef or pork and apple. Its best to order them well in advance if you're having a party.

Terrines and Pates from France.

Not local but we love them. They come in jars with a long shelf life.

Duck, Wild Boar,Trout & Almond, Salmon & Dill and a few others.

Freda's PB is proving to be a big hit.

Whilst on a short visit to Wadebridge, in Cornwall, we came across the producers of some very special PEANUT BUTTER…. grab it whilst you can as our household seem to be consuming it in vast amounts!!

We are thrilled to announce to our loyal followers that

our PORK PIES, made by Daniel Salmon and Alison Maloney

have won the BIG PRIZE again - SUPREME CHAMPION hand raised pork pie. With GOLD awards for our Traditional Pasty & Steak Guinness & Cheddar Pie.

Its good to know they are still up with the best!!

We seem to be spending a lot of time on the telephone taking and placing orders (hence the Banksey phone box pic, sadly no longer there, due to the foolish ways of a few!), if you have time and are able please do feel free to email your requirements through on a Monday  morning, this is when we now do our ordering for the week.  

above; the East Nuke team celebrate yet another award for their great produce..... well done and please don't retire!!