Egg News

The Butchers Arms at Eldersfield is at the top of the list when we want a foodie treat and it was there that Jo got knocked out by a poached egg, not in the literal sense you will be pleased to know! The colour and flavour was incredible, it was decided we must try and stock them. 

It transpired to be a Cacklebean Egg from rare breed Arlington White Hens. To cut a long story short, we are thrilled to be able to bring these special eggs to you. In addition to this we have Billy’s Brown Eggs which in our GREAT EGG taste off, got top spot for best every day egg. Fortunately both farms are near by and we are able to collect them fresh each week. This is probably not the place to type reams of egg info … rest assured we will tell you all about them when we see you…. basically its all about having very happy hens who from an early age feed on the finest grub possible.

When available we will also bring you Duck and Quail eggs too. We might also add to the collection, if a reliable local supply of Bantum eggs can be found. It’s tempting to produce them ourselves but for now we already have enough on our plate.