Multi award winning produce demonstrates commitment to customers and a desire to create innovative foods.

Numerous awards have been achieved year after year, Dan and Alison have won the won the Pork Pie National Championship three times - a real accolade as they were up against the best in the country. The Smoked Back Bacon won 2 gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards (again, this is a real achievement as there were only 30 of these awarded against thousands of entries. The ultimate accolade for Myles would be to win the ‘Pie of the Day’ on TMS!


We Aim to be the Best...

Produce List and Info


Our Meat Products are created in a kitchen with:

  • SALSA accreditation
  • Membership of the National Food Federation
  • Members of The Food & Drink Forum
  • Approved stockists of Quality Standard British Meat
  • Regular Staff, Food, Health and Safety Training

Myles's brother along with Alison Maloney and a great team produce most of our Pastry and Meat Products, they take great pride and care with their work.

Meat is sourced by Daniel Salmon who has extremely high standards. Careful selection of pigs helps ensure the high specification we require is achieved. The sows are kept outdoors, once weaned the pigs are fattened in straw yards. Dan will buy meat in carcass form ensuring the correct weight, grades, fat coverage and sex of the pig to achieve optimum flavour.

British Beef from grass fed Suckler Herds is used, chosen for taste and succulence.

Animal welfare is paramount to us and the farmers we buy from. 

They also:

  • Train talented young butchers in-house to ensure expertise.
  • Produce as much as possible from scratch for enhanced quality control.
  • Buy beef and pork mainly in carcass form and butcher it into required cuts.

They are fine butchers that bake.


Don’t forget we have a range of large hot and cold pies, whole hams, pates etc for your parties.

Wedding cakes made from pork pies and /or cheese are becoming popular and our pub pie range continues to thrive. If you're planning a party or family gathering do come and see us or call… We may well be able to save you a lot of work. All these things are made to order so do think ahead.

Our pork pies come in various sizes - picnic ,1 lb, 2 lb and a large 4 lb.

They can be with or without additional toppings.

Our most popular cold eating pies are:

Plain Pork Pie.

Pork & Pickle.(Ploughmans Pie)

Pork & Apple.

Pork with Stilton.

We also have cold cutting Game Pie or Chicken and Ham all made to order.

Hot Eating Meat Pies:

Individual, 5 inch round or large pub pie tray (feeds 6 - 8 people). Our usual range includes:

Steak, Steak & Stilton, Steak and Ale.



Chicken and Leek - or Ham - or Mushroom.

Lamb and Mint.


Puff Pastry Items include:

Sausage Rolls.

Pasties with Beef.

Pasties with Red-Fox Cheese Onion & Potato.

Homity Pie (sweet potato) or Vegetable Pie

Short crust items include various flavours of quiche and tarts.

We have a good selection of Sausages. Whole cooked Hams, Honey Roast or Dry Cured, Faggots and high quality Bacon, smoked or unsmoked.  

Eggs, Cheese and Fine Cotswold Butter.