Leaping Salmon seen at Lords!!

A weekend of very mixed emotions. To see Rupert lead his club, Dumbleton, out as Captain at the home of cricket, Lords, has been a father son dream from childhood. To secure a top score and win the Village Knockout Cricket finals was thrilling. https://www.nationalvillagecup.com

The next day, Monday, we were so humbled and privileged to be near Windsor Castle to witness the last part of our Queens journey. We may not have been at the front of the crowds but managing to catch a brief glimpse of her coffin, with the crown and orb was very moving. The massive crowd showing their appreciation and respect for the Royals was wonderful to see.

A great send-off with all the glorious pageantry that she certainly deserves.

Never dull moment in Winchcombe, our home town, early March 2021 produced the most valuable space rock ever to fall in the UK, a METEORITE, April  bought a troupe of Elephants https://sudeleycastle.co.uk/news/elephant-family-arrives-at-sudeley-castle-to-celebrate-re-opening , also,  sheep with lambs and a mass of daffodils, we had the joyous https://giffordscircus.com followed by a summer of outdoor local events https://www.bonzoproductions.com/soundofmusic/programme/. Having had so much cancelled due to covid, we 're reminded how important the 'live arts' are for body and soul. 

  • PIG in the STREET!!
  • Sarah Sow from Sudeley came to visit us at home just as we were leaving for Bourton Farmers Market. She was a friendly person with little road sense, time was short so after much hilarity we managed to usher her up the drive and get a game neighbour to summon her keeper. It transpired she had been missing for a few days and was looking for a place to farrow, that night she had nine Old Spot piglets.

Another great find on our trip North was behind the bar at The Inn At Whitewell, we highly recommend this sporting hotel for food and one of the best outdoor terrace views in the country, we discovered Fiddlers Lancashire Sauce Crisps.... we're going to have to stock them!!


Feeding frenzy with Banksey at Dismaland. Hope they don't visit our market day sample pots!


Jo and I have had a wonderful trip to Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard... a MUST see for all ages. Did you know... The Mary Rose was, probably, carrying supplies for two weeks when she sank. An enormous quantity including: 1800kg of beef, 900kg of pork, 750 fish, 3150kg of hard biscuits and 31,500 litres of beer. Sounds a lot but there were at least 600 men, 1 dog and 2 rats to feed! (yes they found bones to verify this.)AMAZING.

In 1545, there were 140,000 men in the English forces on land and sea. This was almost twice the population of London at the time.

There can't be many finer things in life than a serious hike with our much loved dogs, havoc and myrtle, along with a rucksack charged with pies, cheese and a bottle of beer... Hay on Wye - BLISS

Mission accomplished. In spite of Putin's best efforts to stop it, we did manage to get some fine British cheese into Russia for Tom's wedding. Red Fox and Colston Bassett Stilton proved to be the big hit with both the expats and locals. We resisted taking Lancashire Bombs!!

Love this sign...

We're often asked why we get up at 4am three or four days a week to set up and sell our produce. The simple truth is we have a loyal following of clients who bring good cheer and banter and we LOVE to see them each week. The elements can cause big problems but on the whole it’s a lot of FUN!

It would be nice to find a Harry Potter style wand that could instantly set things up each day and a time machine to transport us!!