If you have an interest in great engineering a visit to the Classic Car Hub near Bibury should be on your agenda. MM loves to catch up with her French friend whilst the really old girls take shelter in the hangers. This web page is rather neglected now, below you will find stories of early days with the MM Van. We still love her but are now looking into acquiring an ultra modern electric version..... not sure if its been invented yet so don't hold your breath.

Its been a few weeks of extreme highs and lows.

The reception and enthusiasm from our customers around the Cotswolds for the MM van has been wonderful. We cracked open a few bottles in the shed to launch her, resisting the temptation to smash a bottle on her bow!!

To counteract our joy the tragic loss, in the same week, of two important cogs in our world has knocked us hard. Simon Wynne our delivery/collections driver and goto man for any extra help and Mike Stacey, from Broadway, farmer and fine cheese maker. Both men were so generous with their time, knowledge and enduring good humour. We will miss them enormously. 

Our first week with the MM van has been so much fun. We’ve been overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback and support we can’t thank you enough.

The Merry Mouse heads for Winchcombe today. Get the flags up!

There are still a few jobs to do on her and a couple of design issues that we will have to live with for now. Not sure which side of the road we should be on so decided to stick to the middle!! 

Our first selling trip will be on Wednesday 7th August 2018 to the Black Horse at Naunton, then Kenilworth Market on Thursday. The next day Cheltenham mid morning, Dumbleton and the Royal Oak at Gretton on Friday evening. If she is still going well we hope to attend the wonderful Warwick market on Saturday with her. Fingers crossed!! We are going reluctantly have to get to grips with social media to keep our loyal customers and we hope plenty of new ones, informed as to where the mouse will be performing. Follow us on twitter @merrymousevan. Many thanks for your support.

The countdown is now on for us to pick up the MM keys. Generator and refrigeration are now fitted and working, paintwork in process. The new numberplate and DVLA registration is proving a last minute frustration but all being well we should be hitting the A14 back from Peterborough to Winchcombe next week. Tow rope to hand!!!

Rapid progress is being made with the mouse. Sink and hot water are in, LED lights plus a new floor.

Fridge fitting is now taking place, this is a tricky job due to the back wheel hubs being exactly where the compressor needs to be, no matter the boys seem to think they can resolve this. We just hope it won't mean we end up with a three wheeler!

The Merry Mouse now has an M.O.T, which we assume means she is roadworthy! The next job has been to find some suitable new refrigeration, this has proved problematical as we need a large counter to fit a relatively small space. After plenty of false starts both here and in France we hope to have found the solution, imported from Poland and sold in Essex! 

THE MERRY MOUSE CHEESE VAN is on it's way. Having found a classic french van in a barn we are now in the process of a major restoration. Update soon.